1. Smart Boards
    The school has smart boards in around 12 classrooms in association with educomp. With the help of smart boards children can see the Himalayas or an erupting volcano or the force of a hurricane or the function of a human heart or anything inside the classroom.

  2. Over Head Projectors 
    It’s another method to show botany and zoology slides to the students.

  3. Capture Software
    Using this capture software a teacher can record the lessons he taught in a class and which can be screened to the students again and again to help the weak students.

  4. Library 
    The school has a well equipped library to meet the needs of the students. The library has computers with internet connection which the students can easily access.

  5. Schoolmate
    Using  this the school sends all the information regarding the students by sms to the parents. Whether its marks obtained in an exam or an unexpected holiday or a special class or postponement of test due to unforeseen reasons… anything reaches the parents in no time.


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